Rose Bath Salts


    Natural Dead Sea Himalayan Salts. This lavender & rose petals bath salt is ideal for a calming evening bath soak. 

    Dead Sea & Epsom Salts have many healing benefits and has been clinically proven to effectively treat many skin conditions including rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and many dermatitis conditions. 

    Salts are also beneficial in treating acne, dandruff, to detox the skin and soften the skin. They are also a powerful muscle relaxant. Did you know.. Himalayan Salt is considered one of the purest salts in the world coming from the clean rivers and lakes of the Himalayan Mountain and has the highest content of vital trace elements of any other sea salt. 

    #Rose improves blood circulation, function of glands and muscles, and can provide relief from menstrual cramps and body aches. 

    * Not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women due to the essential oil content.

Sydney, Australia.

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